Infinite Energy

The Great Outdoors

SWP Technology’s portable renewable energy umbrella provides the best source of power available, wind and sun. Campers, hikers, and RV enthusiasts can take our umbrella with them, and they have a free and sustainable source of power. Best of all, it will not distribute other campers and does not pollute the environment.

Power Up!

There is little doubt that Canadians love camping, RVing, or just being out enjoying the natural beauty this country has to offer. Camping is a fundamental activity in Canada. According to the Worldwide Camping Index, Canada ranked as the top camping destination based on stargazing, beautiful scenery, number of national parks, and low pollution. With all these benefits of being outdoors, it is without surprise that 65% of Canadian households go camping at least once a year.

Although, two out of the top four most requested new services in Canadian campgrounds is wireless internet and a better electrical grid. No matter how much Canadians want to escape the stresses of everyday life, they always want to stay connected.

SWP Technology’s portable hybrid solar and wind Umbrella is designed to provide efficient and clean power when you are enjoying nature.

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“Study nature, Love nature, Stay close to nature. It will never fail you.”
– Frank Lloyd Wright

Our Team

Andre Hamacher, CEO of SWP Technology

Andre Hamacher, Chief Executive Officer

Over the past 10 years I ran my specialized electrical company that focused on the assembly of photovoltaic systems for solar panels. Over the years, I gained an in depth understanding of renewable energy and its importance in a sustainable future. My educational background includes achieving a Master of Electrical Engineering, as well as completing a Certificate in Photovoltaic systems.